Outdoor advertising is amongst our strongest points. For over 15 years our portfolio has included thousands of draft-advertising and presentation boards, illuminated advertisements and vinyl frames, which made the facades and rooftops of hundreds of buildings throughout Bulgaria more beautiful. For each and every project, we offer our clients consulting services on the development and design of the most suitable concept in view of the objectives.

Additionally, we can prepare and assemble every type of illuminated advertisement, advertising boards and signs, neon advertisements, illuminated volumetric letters, company and indicative boards, totems, roof advertisements and roof constructions, racks and displays.

We can prepare counters, illuminated boxes, as well as branding of shop windows. We can foil and brand almost every smooth surface. If you require vehicle branding, we can do it to the highest quality and in the best possible manner.

Our expertise in the area of special metal items such as billboards, shelters and tents, in various shapes and sizes has been made possible due to to a sheet-bending machine for multi-stage bending of metal sheets and strips at our disposal. The machine is suitable for one-time, as well as for series production of items made of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, such as steel, brass, bronze, aluminium alloys and others. Our machines are equipped with multi-functional controls that makes it possible to operate all mechanisms of the sheet bending machine, visualize the operations being performed and perform own calculations that are related to the individual operations.

In order to satisfy all our clients’ needs, we have coordinate cutters with an operational area that is suitable for processing aluminium composite panels/etalbond, as well as processing full-format sheets of acrylic planes/plexiglass.

Additionally, we offer vacuuming and flexing plexiglass and polystyrol, guillotine-cutting, bending and welding, alpine services and height assembly, precise laser cutting and engraving.
Clients with unconventional advertising needs trust our expertise.
Movies such as “Stargate” and “The Hunger Games” relied on our advertising products to win the hearts of their fans.
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